Machined Plastic Products

Dotmar produces machined plastic parts and custom plastic parts across a wide range of applications. Dotmar operates 5 state-of-the-art plastic machining technology centres across Australia and New Zealand with plastic CNC turning, routing and milling and spindle moulding, grinding, waterjet cutting, laser cutting and stamping equipment available that maximizes efficiency while insuring the highest levels of quality.

Engineering Plastics and Polyurethenes are the only materials machined in our technology centres. Materials such as Ultem PEI, Acrylic, Makrolon Polycarbonate (PC) , Nylon (Sustamid), Acetal (Sustarin) are all easily machined by our trained staff. We also machine different grades of Duratron (Polyamideimide), PTFE, PVC and HDPE (Polystone P300 and Polystone UHMWPE), and other exotic plastics such as Vespel on a regular basis.

Plastic machining offers an alternative to traditional steel, stainless steel and aluminium parts. We often work with our clients in maintaining kanban stock levels for JUST IN TIME DELIVERY enabling shortened lead times and improved inventory efficiency and cost management.

Plastic machined parts, machined by Dotmar, are used as replacements for OEM parts or as a newly developed part to improve machine performance. Plastic machined parts are lightweight and used where chemical resistance, electrical resistance, quietness, or extreme wear resistance is required.

Our plastic machining service is used a wide range of industries such as Mining, Food, Bottle/Beverage and Transport as direct metal replacements for bearings, thrust washers, crane sheaves, pulleys and wear strips and conveyor curves.


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Machined Plastic Products