PTFE Films for Packaging Industry

Dotmar is New Zealand's leading engineering plastics company specialises in the distribution, design and manufacture of high quality Engineering Plastic, Polyurethane, Conveyor Shapes and Components. We provide technical advice to complement our comprehensive range of products such as Acetal, Nylon and Conveyor Belts to the Packaging Industry that exceed the application expectations of our valued clients.

In the food processing and packaging industry, it means…

  • Higher demands on the components in your equipment
  • More frictional heat, more wear, more aggressive, hotter cleaning
  • A whole new game in material selection

MORE cuts into downtime, and wear and lubrication become hot issues. That can mean more lubrication cost, and contamination. It can also mean unforeseen part failures from higher wear and from hotter, more aggressive cleaning to turn lines around faster.

FASTER means hotter and some traditional materials can't take it. For example, higher temperatures mean more dimensional change in traditional parts, causing mating parts to buckle or gap and collect food. It can also mean poor fit and leakage.

Engineering Plastics such as UHMWPE (Polystone)PETP (Sustadur), PEEK, and PTFE Pressure Sensitive Tape are widely utilised in the Packaging Industry across numerous applications ranging through processing, sealing and packaging.

Heat sealing, non-stick and easy release have never been easier for industrial applications. Dotmar supplies a comprehensive range of PTFE Coated Glass Cloth Fabrics Belts and PTFE Pressure Sensitive Tapes.


  • Rotary band sealing belt
  • Impulse sealers
  • Form and Fill sealers
  • L Bar sealers
  • Side sealers
  • Blister packs
  • Heat sealing jaw covers
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