Toilet Cubicles Partitioning and Installations

In line with industry expectations Dotmar also offers a full NUVEX onsite installation service throughout Australia and New Zealand. NUVEX toilet cubicle installation is available for your toilet partition, toilet cubicles and shower partitions, wet area seating and any other NUVEX commercial bathroom requirements that you may have.


The demand for better ecologic and economic solutions in the construction industry in applications such as toilet cubicles without abandoning performance, makes NUVEX high quality thermoplastic sheet a NEW no. 1 material, setting performance and life-cycle standards on top of the list.

Dotmar’s solid thermoplastic restroom toilet cubicles outperform phenol, timber, laminates and metal products in almost every measure of durability and economy. Resistant to mildew and odour, our plastic material will not rust, break or delaminate. Dotmar’s graffiti resistant partitions virtually maintain themselves – and require no painting or post treatment.

These features, together with 100% recyclability, define NUVEX® as one of the most ecologic construction materials guaranteeing low cost of maintenance for applications, which indicate a low total cost of ownership and an economic advantage over commonly used material.

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