SustaPEEK Product Description

TheSustaPEEK family of materials is based on polyetheretherketone resin. This semi-crystalline advanced material exhibits a unique combination of high mechanical properties, temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance making it the most popular advanced plastics material.

SustaPEEK stock shapes are produced from virgin polyetheretherketone resin and offer the highest toughness and impact strength of all SustaPEEK grades.

The composition of the raw materials used for the production of the SustaPEEK natural stock shapes complies with the directives of the European Union and with the American FDA regulations concerning plastic materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

These features, added to its excellent sterilisabilty by means of steam, dry heat, ethylene oxide and gamma radiation, make this grade very popular in medical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Plastics Applications:

  • Electrical industries
  • Coil bobbins, insulating bushings, housings...
  • Process equipment
  • Milking machines, pumps, valves, filtration plates, heat exchangers...
  • Food processing / Medical industries
  • Components subjected to repeated cleaning and sterilisation

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Physical Properties:

Specific Gravity: g/cm³ 1.31
Max Continuous Operating Temp: °C 250
Max Short Term Operating Temp (3-4hrs): °C 310
Tensile Strength: Mpa 110
Impact Resistance Charpy Unnotched: KJ/m² No Break
Hardness: Rockwell M 105
Co-efficient of thermal expansion: m/(m.k) x 10¯6 50
Dielectric Strength: KV/mm 20
Surface Resistivity: Ohms 4.9x10^16
Flammability Oxygen Index: % 35
Flammability UL94: V0
Food Grade: FDA Yes
Impact Resistance Charpy Notched: KJ/m² 3.5