Polyurethane Plastics and Thermoplastics for Transport Industry

Dotmar is at the forefront of all segments of the transport industry with our range of engineering plastics, Polyurethane and mould plastic products. The demands inherent in today’s transport designs are evident across all segments of the industry.

Whether it's rail, road, air or sea, all are dealing with the same concerns - excessive wear, weight reduction, vibration, friction, hot and cold environments, harsh operating conditions, heavy loading and a strong requirement to make every cent count.

The experience and expertise Dotmar has gained in developing solutions for one segment of the industry provides us with a foundation for developing solutions across other segments.

Dotmar Universal Plastics can assist in reducing costs and lead times when compared to traditional engineering materials such as brass, sintered bronze stainless steel. Plastic Rod such as Acetal (Sustarin), Nylon (Sustamid), UHMWPE (Polystone), PETP (Sustadur) make an excellent choice for self lubricating plastic part.

Road Applications:

  • Greaseless bushes
  • Greaseless bearing
  • Greaseless 5th wheels
  • Tarp bows
  • Spiracle bearings

Rail Applications:

  • Impact resistant head light covers
  • Traction motor commutator insulation sleeves
  • Centre bowl liners
  • Distance rings
  • Bolster wear plates
  • Side bearings
  • Pedestal liners

Marine Applications:

  • Rudder bearings
  • Stern tube bearings
  • Bait boards
  • Hatch covers

Aeronautic Applications:

  • Aircraft interior cladding
  • Window glazing
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