Heatbelts: Lightweight solutions to high and low temperature demands

    Dotmar's Chemfab is a lightweight performance coated fabric combining the mechanical properties of woven fabrics and PTFE.

    Our fabrics provide:

    • Non stick
    • Flexible
    • Outstanding temperature and chemical resistance
    • High tensile strength
    • Easy cleaning
    • Reusable
    • Last for years!

    Our fabrics are perfect for:

    • Heatshrink tunnels
    • Bag sealing machines
    • Non stick baking liners
    • Oven dryer belts
    • Splash curtains
    • Release liners
    • Direct food contact

    Food Safety and FDA Compliance

    Chemlam PTFE coated fabrics are available for Baking, Cooking, Freezing, Package Sealing, Washing and Drying or wherever easy release or cleanability is desired. 

    Please contact your local Dotmar branch for more information on 1800 170 001.