Chemlam PTFE Laminated Fabrics

Chemlam laminates are Dotmar's family of flexible, non-porous, PTFE composites,manufactured by Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, that combine the features of multi-layer fluoropolymer cast films with the mechanical properties of fibreglass reinforced fabric. These products feature a fully sintered PTFE surface with excellent barrier properties and provide outstanding performance in applications with severe thermal cycling.

In the most demanding applications, especially in the food and chemical processing industries, Chemlam products are increasingly replacing traditional PTFE coated fabrics due to superior performance in terms of surface smoothness and release properties, ease of cleaning, chemical resistance and increased productivity.

The Chemlam range of laminates are intended as higher performance alternatives to the traditional PTFE-coated fabrics. They are speciifically designed for harsh chemical applications with thermal cycling.