Transport & Infrastructure

Polyurethane & Thermoplastics for the transport industry & associated infrastructure

Dotmar is at the forefront of all segments of the transport industry with our range of engineering plastics, polyurethane and moulded plastic products. The demands inherent in today's transport designs are evident across all segments of the industry.

Whether its rail, road, air or sea, all are dealing with the same concerns - excessive wear, weight reduction, vibration, friction, hot and cold environments, harsh operating conditions, heavy loading and a strong requirement to make every cent count.

The experience and expertise Dotmar has gained in developing solutions for one segment of the industry provides us with a foundation for developing solutions across other segments.

Dotmar Engineering Plastics can assist in reducing costs and lead times when compared to traditional engineering materials such as brass, sintered bronze stainless steel. Plastic rod such as Acetal (Sustarin), Nylon (Sustamid), UHMWPE (Polystone), PETP (Sustadur) make an excellent choice for self-lubricating plastic part.

  • uniboard and stable board for livestock
    Improving Glide, Wear, Insulation & Suspension
    Wall cladding, seat backs, light diffusers, luggage racks, door partitions
  • uniboard and stable board for livestock
    The ideal foundation
    Reducing costs
  • uniboard and stable board for livestock
    At the forefront
    Industry leader

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    Dotmar specialises in manufacturing custom bearings and bushes for all forms of transportation. High performance plastic is the ideal replacement for traditional brass bushes providing vastly improved wear resistance. We can also provide replacement window panels Acrylic for buses or security shields Polycarbonate for Buses, taxi s and earthmoving equipment.

    Contact your local Dotmar branch and speak with our machine shop team for more information on 0800 650 750.


    • Greaseless bushes
    • Greaseless bearing
    • Greaseless 5th wheels
    • Tarp bows
    • Spiracle bearings

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    Dotmar Plastics has used its in-depth knowledge of plastics, processing and design to help the rail industry achieve improved cost efficiencies, longer life, and more reliable operation. We offer thermoplastic solutions to all segments of the rail industry. The demands inherent in locomotive design are also inherent in freight and transit truck design.

    Rail Applications
    Bogie Brake System
    Freight Car Coupling Wear Pads
    Bushings for Brake Pull Rod System
    Railt Joints for Electrical Insulation
    Liners for Bulk Carriers
    Bolster Wear Pads
    Pedestal & Centre Bowl Liners
    Bushings for Rail Brake
    Cable Clamps Insulating Beams
    Articulating Side Bearings

    SUSTADUR® PET in Transportation - Suburban Trains

    The anti-roll-bar is supported by an Sustadur PET bush, assembled into a housing. The bush, which was previously made from Bronze, must sustain very heavy loads; up to 15 tonnes (dynamic load for short periods of time).

    SUSTAMID® UV Protector of Secondary Air Chamber Suspension System in TGV

    Most modern passenger vehicles now employ secondary air suspension equipment, also known as air springs. The car body levitates on a set of rubber air chambers or bags, two being arranged on each bogie bolster. Overall, zero risk of parts breaking of the protector, or "exploding", is expected: danger of traveller injury or damage to objects/property in the vicinity needs to be overcome.

    Polystone® In Rail Sections Transport

    To build railway tracks, it is necessary to transport and assemble the steel rails on the actual rail track. The new rails are mainly between 80 to 102 meters long, but can also extend up to 400 meters. For transportation the rails are loaded onto wagons in layers; one wagon typically holding several layers. For the actual installation of the track, the steel rails are unloaded one by one, and put on the railway track in the right position, while the wagon moves at very low speed, then finally fixed to the rail track crossing bars.

    Bayblend® FR 3030

    Bayblend® FR 3030 is a flame retardant thermoplastic polymer blend based on PC and ABS. It is noted, in particularly, for its favourable combination of mechanical and thermal properties as well as its excellent thermoforming behaviour. It is classified as "halogen-free" under the terms of DIN/VDE 0472, part 815. Bayblend FR 3030 meets most local European standards for mass transportation.

    Applications are based on high impact resistance, high heat deflection temperature and halogen free fire behaviour of several rail grades. Flame retardant Bayloy® FR is used to produce seats and Bayblend sheets are used for wall cladding, ceilings, air conducts and seat backs. They can be produced with UV-protection or PVDF top layer. Typical applications for Makrolon sheets are light diffusers, luggage racks, wall-and door partitions. Laminates with glass offer possibilities for windscreens.

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    If you are building, designing or maintaining a Boat or Ship, our range of marine sheet products will accommodate any outdoor marine application that requires a high quality UV Polymer marine product.

    If you are looking for a particular part for your marine project, our machine shops are fully equipped to both design and machine to your specific requirements.Our marine products are made from the highest quality polymers and have been manufactured in the US. Don't take the chance with inferior Asian imported plastic that may buckle and fade over time your boat is worth more than that!

    Marine Applications
    Rudder bearings - Orkot TXM Marine Stern tube bearings - Orkot TLMM Marine
    Bait boards - HDPE Hatch covers - Polycarbonate
    Internal & external cabinetry - Uniboard & Boatboard Swim boards - Uniboard & Boatboard
    Boat furniture & fittings - Uniboard & Boatboard Doors & hatch covers - Uniboard & Boatboard
    Transom covers - Boatboard Bathing platforms & steps - Boatboard
    Instrument panels, control mounts - Uniboard & Boatboard

    Polystone Fender

    POLYSTONE FENDER is an environmentally friendly rubber and timber alternative used for marine and harbour construction. POLYSTONE FENDER is a unique, low friction UHMWPE combining the benefits of high wear resistance with lower maintenance costs.

    It will not rot, split or crack and is fully resistant to infestation from marine borers. POLYSTONE FENDER has a low coefficient of friction, superior impact resistance and excellent UV stability.

    Applications for Polystone Fender Timber Replacement

    Use for harbour construction:

    • Truck docks
    • Floating docks
    • Boats and dredges
    • Ideal for the manufacture of pilings, fenders, wear pads, profiles on quay walls.

  • AERONAUTICOpen or Close

    Aeroplanes must be very light-weight, fuel-efficient, but at the same time mechanically stable and perfectly safe. Additionally, every airline wants to increase its fleet's performance and minimise maintenance times. Constructors therefore must develop aeroplanes that are long reliable even at high stress. We support these constructors with our materials. We offer a great selection of thermoplastic and composites suitable for these demanding conditions. They will help you in construction of light-weight, safe and long-lived aircraft.

    AdvantagesTypical ApplicationsAeronautic Applications
    Lighter than aluminium Passenger aircraft Housing for fuelling system  - SUSTAPEEK
    High mechanical stability Freight planes PTFE ball seat for in-flight re-fuelling system
    Low-maintenance Rockets SUSTAMID 6FR is a flame retardant PA6 for use in aerospace industry
    We offer materials approved by AirbusSatellites Window glazing Polycarbonate UV & Acrylic
    Depending on material, meeting of:
    BSS 7239, FAR 25.853 & FAR 28.855,
    ATM 3.0005 and AITM 2.0007, UL94 V0
    Housing for fuelling system

    Aircraft Interior Applications


    The world's leading aircraft manufacturers specify Boltaron fire-rated sheet for thermoformed, fabricated and machined interior components. The world's leading commercial, military and private aircraft and helicopter manufacturers including Airbus, Bell, Boeing, Lockheed and Sikorsky as well as the world's leading interior refurbishing contractors, specify Boltaron's aircraft-rated PVC alloy sheet products for thermoformed and fabricated interior components. Note: Indent only.

    Typical Applications
    Class Dividers Dashboard enclosures Galley components
    Lavatory components Bull noses Video screen bezels
    Personal Service Units (PSUs) Gap covers Seat parts
    Sidewall panels Tray tables Window shades
    Air ducts Bulkhead laminates Light housings
    Window reveals Mouldings

    Freeway sound barrier panels

    Dotmar plastics recommend our specialised acrylic noise barrier panels that provide strength, transparency and colour to any freeway or bridge application. Please contact your local branch to discuss your project requirements on 0800 650 750.

    Makrolon® Silent Sound UV/AR Solid polycarbonate sheet

    Solid Makrolon® Silent Sound sheets are clear, polished, UV-stabilized polycarbonate sheets and available as extended UV and Abrasion-resistant version. They offer extreme impact strength that exceeds the physical properties of other products of their class. Makrolon® sheets resist temperatures of -100 to +120°C, exhibit high optical clarity and have a good fire .


    Makrolon® Silent Sound can be used for noise protection barriers on motorways with heavy traffic, dual carriageways and railways. The sheets offer protection against involuntary breakage and wilful destruction. Makrolon® Silent Sound sheets can be thermoformed, cold-curved and machined with ease.