Machining Guide

Basic Machining Tips for Engineering Plastics

  • Keep heat to a minimum and ensure heat build-up in the part is avoided
  • Keep tools sharp at all times
  • Ensure that only the cutting edge contacts the material
  • Apply coolants (per guidelines) where heat is generated
  • The lower rigidity of plastics may require support or plugging to avoid deflection in thin walled sections
  • Cutting tools should be high speed steel or carbide tipped for production runs, especially on graphite or glass filled materials
  • Matching tolerances are much higher than for metals
  • Watch stress relieving where a large body of material is removed
  • Thermal conditioning may be required after pre-machining on some parts
  • Allow a tolerance of 0.1-0.2% of nominal size
  • Be aware of thermal expansion in larger parts or panels where fixings are required
  • Minimum tolerance for small dimensions 0.05mm

For more detailed information, Dotmar is pleased to provide comprehensive technical guides courtesy of our supplier Rochling.

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