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Advanced Engineering Plastic Products

If you are looking through this section then you may have a particular application that requires exposure to an environment that is above and beyond what regular engineering plastics can meet in regards to extreme properties and parameters.

These products retain mechanical and fatigue properties at elevated temperatures. Advanced Plastics such as PEI, PEEK and DURATRON are special materials – the value of ‘benefit in use’ needs to be properly assessed and understood in order to maximize cost / benefit.

The products in this section cover one of the following technical specification and expectations.

  • Very high temperature exposure
  • Very low temperature exposure
  • Very high wear
  • Very high impact
  • Very high strength
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent radiation/gamma resistance


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  • PEI 1000 PolyetherimideOpen or Close

    This advanced polymer shows a combination of outstanding thermal, mechanical and electrical properties, together with very low flammability and low levels of smoke evolution during combustion. These features make PEI 1000 extremely suitable for electrical / electronic insulators and for a variety of structural components requiring high strength and rigidity at elevated temperatures.

  • PSU 1000 PolysulphoneOpen or Close

    Stock shapes are produced from non UV-stabilised polysulphone resin. It offers very good radiation stability, low ionic impurity levels and good chemical and hydrolysis resistance.

  • PPSU 1000 PolyphenylenesulphoneOpen or Close

    This material offers a better impact strength and chemical resistance than PEI 1000 and PSU 1000. PPSU 1000 also has superior hydrolysis resistance as measured by steam autoclaving cycles to failure. In fact, this material has virtually unlimited steam sensibility which makes it an excellent choice for devices that are subjected to repeated steam autoclaving.

  • Ketron PEEK 1000 PolyetheretherketoneOpen or Close

    This semi-crystalline advanced material exhibits a unique combination of high mechanical properties, temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance making it the most popular advanced plastics material.

  • Ketron PEEK HPV Polyetheretherketone - Bearing GradeOpen or Close

    The addition of carbon fibres, PTFE and graphite to virgin PEEK results in a KETRON PEEK "Bearing Grade". Its excellent tribological properties (low friction, long wear and high Pressure-Velocity capabilities) make this grade especially suited for bearing and wear applications.

  • Ketron PEEK CA30 Polyetheretherketone - Carbon Fibre ReinforcedOpen or Close

    This 30% carbon fibre reinforced grade combines even higher stiffness, mechanical strength and creep resistance than KETRON PEEK-GF30 with an optimum wear resistance. Moreover, the carbon fibres provide 3.5 times higher thermal conductivity than virgin PEEK, dissipating heat from the bearing surface faster.

  • Ketron PEEK GF30 Polyetheretherketone - Glass Fibre ReinforcedOpen or Close

    This 30% glass fibre reinforced grade offers higher stiffness and creep resistance than KETRON PEEK 1000 and has a much better dimensional stability. KETRON PEEK GF30 is very appropriate for structural parts carrying high static loads for long periods of time at elevated temperatures. Its suitability for sliding parts, however, is to be carefully examined since the glass fibres tend to abrade the mating surface.

  • Symalit PVDF PolyvinylidenefluorideOpen or Close

    Its property profile makes SYMALIT PVDF a versatile engineering material, especially suitable for the manufacture of components for the petrochemical, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, textile and nuclear industries.

  • Techtron HPV PPS Polyphenylene Sulphide Bearing GradeOpen or Close

    Thanks to the uniformly dispersed internal lubricant, TECHTRON HPV PPS exhibits excellent wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction. It overcomes the disadvantages of virgin PPS caused by a high coefficient of friction, and of glass fibre reinforced PPS which can cause premature wear of the counter face in moving-part applications. It goes without saying that these features, in combination with its excellent chemical resistance, offer numerous application possibilities to TECHTRON HPV PPS in all kinds of industries.

  • Duratron T4203 & T4503 PAI Polyamide-imideOpen or Close

    DURATRON PAI grades, combining excellent retention of mechanical strength, stiffness and creep resistance over a wide temperature range with extremely low thermal expansion up to 250 C, are top-rank materials for high temperature applications.

    DURATRON T4203 PAI offers the best toughness and impact strength of all DURATRON PAI grades. Because of its intrinsic high temperature resistance, high dimensional stability and good machinability, this extruded DURATRON PAI grade is very popular for precision parts in high-tech equipment. In addition, its good electrical insulating ability provides numerous possibilities in the field of electrical components.

  • Duratron T4301 & T4501 PAI Polyamide-imide - Bearing Grade Open or Close

    The addition of graphite and PTFE provides higher wear resistance and lower coefficient of friction compared to the unfilled grade as well as little or no stick-slip in use. This extruded grade excels in severe wear applications such as non-lubricated bearings, seals, bearings cages and reciprocating compressor parts.

  • Duratron T5530 PAI Polyamide-imide - Glass Fibre ReinforcedOpen or Close

    This compression moulded, 30% glass fibre reinforced grade offers higher stiffness, mechanical strength and creep resistance than DURATRON T4203 PAI and DURATRON T4503 PAI.

  • Duratron PBI Polybenzimidazole Open or Close<br>

    DURATRON PBI offers the highest temperature resistance and best mechanical property retention of all unfilled thermoplastics. Thanks to its unique property profile, DURATRON PBI might bring the ultimate solution when no other plastics material can. It is a very appealing material to high-tech industries such as semiconductor, aircraft and aerospace industries.