Bend it like Polystone P Flex

Polystone® P Flex grey is Rochling's first flexible material with a Polypropylene base chemistry. Polystone® P Flex grey material has a good chemical resistance and is also weldable to standard Polypropylene using regular welding techniques, such as hot-air welding, butt-welding or extrusion-welding.

This material provides:

  • High flexibility
  • High elongation at break
  • Excellent weldability with PP
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Shore A 51
  • Almost no moisture absorption

More flexibility with Polystone® P Flex grey

With its very high elasticity the new material offers new design possibilities in the chemical and plant construction. Polystone® P Flex grey is suitable for applications that can benefit from a tight joint between PP products.

For more information about the properties and possible applications, please contact your local Dotmar branch on 1800 170 001.